ISIS Crisis: A needed response from UNSW

A few days ago in an anti-terrorism raid, cops detained 15 and arrested two people in Sydney. They were worried of a potential beheading in Martin Place, although that seems to be more of a rumor than fact. The raid has been questioned to its true purpose – placing a lot of heat on Prime Minister Tony Abbot – but it certainly has led to some fear among residents of Sydney. The city increased its police presence Friday, including at the Rugby League semi-final for the home team Roosters at Allianz Stadium — where a mere 18,000 plus fans showed up.

ISIS has already killed two American journalists and seem to be looking to harm others tied to the American counter terrorism threats. The school paper at University of Sydney, Honi Soit, interviewed former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, who said America is a dangerous ally.

So far UNSW has not outwardly done anything to increase its security presence. It didn’t seem that campus was any quieter Friday than a typical Friday. But it’s tough to say if attendance was any lower.

The university should announce some type of response, for the safety and safe of mind of the students. Maybe the student body doesn’t have much concern. That’s tough to tell, too.

What can be told is the story of what students and faculty think about the situation. An independent student newspaper can fill in those blanks.

What do you think? Are you worried to commute to uni after the alleged planned attacks? Did you come to school on Friday? Should the uni have done anything to temper concerns?


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