How to create good student journalism and include Justin Timberlake

You may be asking yourself how important is it to have a strong student newspaper on campus. Even at universities that have a deep culture of student journalism, the newspaper is not always well-regarded by the student body. But many would argue it is still significant and perhaps even vital for the success and growth of a tight-knit uni community.

It is not easy to be a student-journalist, with conflicts of interest numbering more than number of assessments due in a semester. Students have figured out how to best cope with this for decades, producing stand out journalism and preparing themselves for future jobs in the media world.

College Media Geeks interviewed the editor in chief of The Collegiate Times, of Virginia Tech in the States. Cameron Austin answered a handful of questions, which could help give you a better idea on how a student-run newspaper could operate on campus. Plus, see how Austin embraces the social media world in traditional journalism. Check it out! They even linked to a relative YouTube video, of Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake.

The interview is a part of an ongoing series with the College Media Geeks – a great organization to keep an eye on when thinking about uni journalism. Keep posted to News for UNSW to learn more about the college journalism environment and how to create an A+ one here at uni.


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