UniGames and Sports Reporting

UniGames are officially over and the tallies are in from this year’s events held in Sydney: UNSW finished sixth overall, out of 41 participating schools, with three gold, eight silver and six bronze medals. UNSW defended their previous swimming and judo championships, once again taking home first place. They also took the top prize in table tennis. You can find the full results on UniSport here and a summary of UNSW’s performance on ARC here.

What’s missing in this post? A story. The tale of UNSW athletes competing week long, some looking to defend a title and some looking just to have a good time, but all of whom put in a great deal of time to prepare for the competition. Where is the story of the competition between USyd, who finished first overall, and UNSW?

Tharunka has not published any articles reporting on the event. And it happened in Sydney. There is no excuse for poor and lazy reporting. News for UNSW would fill in this gap. We would report not only on the politics of the school but also on sport, the arts and everything else that’s fit to print. A good student newspaper would help shape the local community, which Tharunka has not done. It would also prepare writers for the real world of journalism, such as a prospective sport journalist who needs practice reporting on games and the clips to show future employers.


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