Future of journalism in Australia

In the past couple of weeks there has been much conversation on the future of journalism in Australian schools. The conversation has bounced around whether journalism should be an undergraduate degree. Further, the discussion is about how journalism should be taught, if it is taught.

Often, journalisms schools in Australia are noted for bashing the media – in media classes. Particularly, the Murdoch press is typically hit hard. Meanwhile, The Australian has been one of the forerunners in articles posted this past week about the need for more serious, practical journalism classes.

Why is this a big deal? Well just look at UNSW’s void in a proper journalism program that teaches practical skills. Students are not prepared to go straight into the media industry.

Look at the school paper, Tharunka, who has yet to report on the current student elections. A newspaper is not reporting on political elections. Are they capable of it? They must be, but they have not done anything. Perhaps, Tharunka editors are too busy campaigning for ARC elections. This is where an independent, student-run paper becomes vital; a body that can report on the goings of student politics without having to worry about their own political agendas and the vital need for money from ARC. A newspaper run online can cut production costs incredibly. It also can pump out more news, more often, fulfilling the needs of the UNSW local community.

More practical journalism schools is important, but if UNSW does not comply with these demands, then there should at least be a significant, professional-like outlet on campus to gain needed experience and clips. NewsforUNSW is here to address those issues. It’s time for change on campus. It’s time for News for UNSW.


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