ARC Elections – Post Three

The elections are over and the results come are expected to come in Tuesday. According to both campaigns, it was the most highly contested elections in UNSW history. Hopefully that means many students came out and voted. In all likelihood, that means a small percentage of the student body voted as usual, but it was just slightly higher and tighter margins between parties’ candidates.

The good news is people turned out for the elections and are getting excited about it. What could make the UNSW ARC elections even better would be students being informed about the candidates. It should not come down to a pressure at the last minute – whimsical voting that determines big outcomes. A strong student newspaper can do that. NewsforUNSW is here to correct that. This year, we’re focusing on getting our name out there to see how people feel about student news. Next year, we hope to have a news team that can cover these elections and all things UNSW.

Here are two of the most recent Facebook posts from both campaigns regarding their respective campaigns.



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