Medical Marvel by UNSW Professor

There’s big news on campus, or at least there should be. UNSW Conjoint Associate Professor Kumud Dhital performed a world first: two successful heart transplants using organs that had stopped beating prior to donation. Both patients are reported to feeling well. Read what UNSW newsroom had to say about the accomplishment, here

A proper student newspaper would report on this. It surely would not settle for a release from UNSW newsroom, although this is a good source for information in lieu of a satisfactory news outlet. What NewsforUNSW can do is report on these events. Ask important questions. Talk to Mr. Dhital and ask him the story behind this fascinating accomplishment. As an associate professor at UNSW, he is a part of the community and therefore a part of the news. What questions would you have asked Dhital? Comment below with your thoughts. 


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