ARC Elections – Post Four, Tharunka Fails Students

We’re going to keep this post short, since ARC did not deliver the election results today, Tuesday, the 28th of October. According to both Activate and Voice student government parties, election results were supposed to be released today, after voting ended on Friday, the 24th of October.

Tharunka, the school’s newspaper did not report the results, because of “(sorry – some red tape means we can’t report on the elections this year.)” according to Ammy and Freya, with Tina in the editors’s letter of Volume 60, No. 13, Week 11 to Week 12, Semester 2 issue of Tharunka. The paper, normally labeled independent, scribbled out their independent label in red ink, calling themselves “University of NSW’s Independent Student Newspaper” now. Below are the images from the front cover and the inside cover editor’s letter.

Tharunka front page

Editor's letter

This is unacceptable for a student newspaper. ARC should be held accountable for election results and it is up to student community to do so. A student-run, fully independent newspaper could and would do that. Tharunka did not. And so we are left without any election results, or sufficient update.


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