(Sometimes) Monthly ARC Board Meeting Update

The ARC board updated their blog today after their October board meeting. There are heaps of updates that if you’re interested in ARC, you should check out.

We’re not going to talk about the updates because it would seem silly to report on what one ARC member feels is important to put in the minutes and then transfer over to the blog. There is good information in there though, which should definitely be read through thoroughly. There is zero¬†mention of the student elections though, oddly enough.

As you probably have started to get the idea, a student-run, independent newspaper would ask the tough questions. This means asking what went wrong with the student elections. Note: there are ideas circulating to why the election results did not come out, but no one has come with an official response yet, so we will remain silent on it.

This board meeting would typically have at least one reporter assigned. The journalist’s beat would be ARC board. They would cover everything to do with the ARC board. Since they constantly cover them, they would know how it works and be better equipped to write for the local community what is going on and what changes are significant. We hope to achieve this some time in the near future. Come next school year, NewsforUNSW can be a legitimate source of news on campus. Keep talking about it to help us get it off the ground!


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