Over 60 years of UNSW and there is still no student-run, independent newspaper. It’s time for chance; it’s time for News for UNSW.

The goal is to create an online publication for the UNSW community. The paper will be fully independent, which means no ties to Uni officials nor student government. Although a “newspaper” in the traditional sense in covering the news and events of the local area, we will embrace the online culture – cutting costs for production to help pump out hard-hitting and honest journalism.

We will cover all happenings on campus. News from student government, like the ARC elections, to university projects, like the new material science building, to student protests and feature stories on Uni sport, student groups, musicians, artists and much more.

But we need your help to get this started. If you’re interested, SHARE the movement for News for UNSW on Facebook and Twitter and most importantly – get involved! TALK about it with your friends and peers, #NewsforUNSW